yuppy fight!

This is one of the first journal type comics I ever drew, back in 2006ish. I actually drew maybe ten or fifteen comics like this and then stopped abruptly for some reason and didn't try my hand at this kind of thing again for quite a few years. Right click for slightly improved legibility.


Daniel Rabel

Here are some wonderful designs for grotesque characters and costumes by the French painter and engraver Daniel Rabel (1578-1637) from the always-great-for-a-browse RMN site. A few of my favorites below.


Miss Beverly Glick and the Case of the Mysterious Assassin

Below is one of the first comics I ever drew, from I think 2006. It's called 'Miss Beverly Glick and the Case of the Mysterious Assassin.' Nowadays I post all my comics online immediately after I've made them. But with this comic, and all of my earlier comics and drawings, I would work for months without showing anyone anything. I don't know if the final art is better or worse for that, but it certainly is the product of patience.


Parade of monsters

This incredibleness of demons in hell is from a series of hand scrolls of 'Illustrated Legends of the Kitano Tenjin Shrine', from the 13th century (at the Met).

And Night Parade of One Hundred Demons.



Started this one and then got bored.